Zonifi is smart science focus

Zonifi was founded in January 2013 out of a passion for psychology, science, technology and athletics. We believe in creating products and services that strengthen mental focus, attitude and energy thru sport. Sport is our creative medium, yet Zonifi products and services inevitably transcend athletics into the daily lives of everyone we serve.


Zonifi Goggles

Ankle Weights for the Brain

A cool, smart solution to developing focus in modern athletes of all ages. Using the same principles as resistance weight training, Zonifi Goggles challenge an athlete's ability to process visual information in action. The goal is to push skills development beyond what an athlete would achieve otherwise.

Price: $34



Step One

Start with 5 minutes of skills training to establish a performance baseline.


Step Two

Wear Zonifi Goggles and perform the same skills drill for 5 minutes.


Step Three

Alternate between Steps One and Two at will.


Always end a skills drill with the Zonifi Goggles off.